Singapore Water Resource

Due to the rare natural water resources, Singapore has to obtain water from Malaysia. Singapore started to study sea water desalination technique since 1970s but no significant development was made due to the high costs. PUB started the plan of supplying fresh water by the non-governmental enterprise Hyflux in 1990s when Sing Spring Sea Water Desalination Plant with the daily output of 136,000t was established in form of BOO.

Singapore Market

Distribution of Water Treatment Proportion of Singapore

In 2010 Singapore needed to supply 1.7million t fresh water nationwide on a daily basis, including 170,000t fresh water from sea water desalination. Experts said that by 2060 the total daily water consumption of Singapore would be doubled than now and the fresh water output by sea water desalination would be as high as 1.02 t/day, which is 5times higher. It can be concluded how active Singapore government is to develop and stress sea water desalination.

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