Water outweighs oil in our times

“Water outweighs oil in our times”, which is the statement of Boutros Ghali, the former Secretary General of the United Nations. Pure water resources become increasingly valuable on earth where pollution and climate environment become deteriorated. Water resources are always the topic highly discussed by all the far-sighted organizations. The nations around the world such as Middle East, US, China mainland and Southeast Asia reflect the increasingly serious water shortage by news this year. This also affects Taiwan, which is predicted to implement the water consumption limitation in Stage 3 since this May, which means restricting the domestic water consumptions. It fully reflects how urgent the water shortage is.

Although scientists have imaged many alternative solutions such as picking up the ices in the South Pole and North Pole, collection of rainwater, sewage recycling and sea water desalination, all these can not replace the existing water resources by considering the costs, quality, etc. The volume of the world water resources is far behind our requirements, which makes the use of pure water resources enter the vicious circle.

With a strong focus on creating the sustainable water resources environment, sea water desalination would be the optimal solution against water shortage in the world. Many countries already developed and put it on the market more than ten years ago. However, the cost and quality are still dilemma. Such bottleneck makes the desalination costs high always.

However, our innovative technique—molecule cracking method is invented, which can acquire better water quality with fewer damages on environment compared with a number of other ways, in addition to reducing the costs significantly, as long as it is applied to seawater desalination. The costs of sea water desalination by the technique are less than one fourth of that of the existing methods. This technique can almost removal all the salts in water, which can not be compared by the tap water quality. We positively predict that we can become the largest supplier for pure water resources worldwide in five years so as to develop the water resources environment on earth in a sustainable manner.


“Should pure water resources be the gift of God, this year would be the last time”

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