Bottled Small Cluster Water

  1. Smaller clusters of water molecules

Smaller water molecules ensure the body and other organisms can absorb the water more easily. Easy absorption helps the body in many different ways, including assisting with the body’s digestive and circulation systems.

  1. Excellent taste

Smaller molecule clusters make water taste better and can be used for both cooking and drinking.

  1. Rich in trace elements

It contains a variety of trace elements from the seawater, which helps the human body in different ways, including anti-ageing effects and improved health.

  1. Low costs

Seawater is almost inexhaustible and, when processed in an efficient way, it is possible to lower manufacturing costs. More people will be able to afford this water and have a healthier life.

  1. Efficiency and by-products

★ This technology’s efficiency is extremely high and can produce 930 liters of mineral water from a tonne of seawater with trace elements. That is an efficiency level of 93%, making full use of seawater.

★ The high concentration of salt that remains in the other 7% of water is called brine and can be used to make salt for eating, cleaning, and even cosmetic products without wasting the water.