Date:January 03, 2012

Permanent Small Cluster Water

Our Strengths

  1. Permanent small cluster, molecules of water micro-molecular methods are as follows:

Some small cluster water on the market is to only forces temporarily fracture water molecular in the oxygen Atomic and hydrogen Atomic Zhijian of hydrogen bonds, and Dang forces disappeared Shi clear see natural followed recovery and makes water molecular and recovery became macromolecules mission molecular, and electrolytic law is makes water in micro-voltage of electrolytic Xia produced has with are ion and anion of water, but electrolytic water in the of are ion and anion will with time and and slowly combined into original of water molecular and and recovery became macromolecules mission water.

Rainter’s small molecular water technology produced small molecular mission water of process is after two a precision design of process, (1) damage (2) separation, first to molecular inherent of physical characteristics will water molecular in the of hydrogen Atomic and oxygen Atomic Zhijian of hydrogen bonds natural of damage, macromolecules mission after damage of program Hou will was into a of small molecular mission water, again immediately of will has split for a small molecular mission water be separation out, makes they became permanent of small molecular mission water.

Molecules of water into small molecules to water needs after these two steps will be able to complete the transformation of small molecules of water only through a program, was destroyed, and only a touch of small molecules in water because water molecules are hydrogen atoms key again to form hydrogen bonds with oxygen atoms and water recovery as the molecules of water.


  1. Regardless of what water are can processing into is drinking water standard of small molecular water; currently freshwater resources increasingly reduced of situation increasingly serious, river by industrial of pollution, groundwater because Super pumping and was seawater invaded by produced of salt of problem, again are in challenge purification water of problem, certainly to currently of technology changing of case zhixia to will water purification seems to also not too difficult, but this will involve to processing program of problem, if steps more is cumbersome is cost relative higher.

Rainter technology no matter how water, as long as through a program to meet the drinking water standards of water into small molecules of water, in particular seawater is now recognized as the most difficult to deal with without problems.


  1. In addition to sodium technology world; nature often contain a wealth of minerals in the water, but if the mineral content in the water more than the body needs, you will cause the body’s burden. And general market the sale of mineral water containing a variety of beneficial minerals, but if you drink too much calcium mineral waters, stones can affect internal organs, and magnesium, sodium, potassium and other elements will affect the secretion of gastric juice and gastric digestion, will also affect the formation and secretion of bile, leading to acid-base disorders in the body. High in sodium can lead to cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Specially processed by Rainter water sent to SGS inspection, in full compliance with drinking water standards.