Date:January 03, 2015

Small Cluster Bottled Water

  1. Small cluster (about 80 Hz NMR test, the regular water is about 120Hz)

This is very tiny molecule of water and the standard effect of molecular water is easily absorbed by the body. Help people with excretion smoother, less pain, beauty, skin, water flexible, and vitality.

  1. Taste excellent

Very tiny molecules, taste good, especially for cooking food and it also can make soup more flavor

  1. Rich in trace elements

Contains a variety of trace elements in sea water, the human body has a great help, help anti-aging, health and longevity

  1. High oxygen content (about 7.8, notwithstanding the water is about 6)

High oxygen content, can promote the blood circulation, promote the cells metabolism, strengthen the immune system and immune benefit small mineral water can enhance the efficiency and capacity of metabolism increase systemic oxygen transport capacity; promote the discharge of waste and toxins inside the cell; improve the body’s food supply, is an example of combining traditional products with high-tech.

  1. Reasonable costs

Seawater is almost inexhaustible, and processed in the most efficient way, it is possible to lower manufacturing costs, and compete with other products, so that more people can afford this water, so that more people have better health

  1. the economically efficient (produces several by-products)

★ The efficiency of this technology is extremely high, which can produce about a ton of sea water trace elements than 930 liters of mineral water, efficiency is more than 93%, making full use of seawater.

★ High concentration salt water in the remaining liquid that can be used to make salt, bath salt, salt for cosmetic products without waste of water resources.