Permanent Small Cluster Water

Some technologies on the market only rely on forcing water molecule bonds to break temporarily. Once they are not forced anymore, the water molecule bonds return to their natural state. Water electrolysis relies on an electrical field to create this force, simply destroying the molecule bonds. When the electrical field is removed, the water molecule bonds will gradually restore themselves over a period of time.

Rainter’s small cluster water technology puts water through two very precise processes. The first is a process of damaging the water molecule bonds and the second is separation. The water molecule bonds are first damaged as hydrogen and oxygen atoms will naturally create large water molecule bonds. This means in order to make small cluster water, you must first damage the water molecule bonds. Once the damaging process is complete, the water, that now contains impurities and small molecules, goes through Rainter’s technology, separating the impurities and small molecules to produce clean small molecular water.

With these two steps, Rainter has found a method of creating, fresh, safe, clean, and super-hydrating water.

The amount of fresh water on the earth is continuing to fall due to reasons such as pollution spreading to fresh water sources or pumping too much water from underground sources leading to salinization, which bears a huge responsibility on water purification systems.

Rainter requires only one procedure to create safe cleaning water that adhere to drinking water standards around the world.

Natural water contains many different types of minerals. Though the human body only needs a certain amount and types of minerals, intaking too many minerals, such as calcium, can lead to health issues. With Rainter’s technology, we ensure that water is pure but still contains the right amount of minerals that the human body requires to continue to function correctly.